BITU Apprehensive About Public Sector Salary Discussion

Published Date : Jun 03, 2015

The Bustamante Industrial Trade Union (BITU) has communicated worry about the postponement in the settlement of pay and fringe benefits asserts on public sector workers’ behalf. As indicated by the president of the Union, Senator Kavan Gayle, the postponement is bringing on dissatisfaction among workers in that part. 

He said that the penances that the public sector workers have made in the course of recent years, essentially through the Government's periods of compensation constraints, in a domain of a crushed economy, record debasement of the Jamaican Dollar and steady increments in the costs of food, utilities, transportation, fundamental merchandise and administrations, has seriously dissolved their purchasing power. 

He said that in that setting, the participation of the BITU has educated its initiative that they are not ready to acknowledge the three percent by two percent increment over the life of a proposed 2 year work agreement for labor offered by the Government, and has commanded the union to proceed with the transactions at the largest amount. 

Senator Gayle said that their experience proposes that when these critical groups begin to make an industrial move, in promotion of their reason, there is high probability that it will spread and that this could redirect the ministry’s attention from the present focus on an adequate boost in salary. 

Accordingly, the Government is currently commanded to utilize its earnest attempts and present its best offers at the negotiating table, to evade any development of the industrial dissent and focus on the needs of the workers, he included.