Google Aims to Measure Real Time Food Calories through Automated Food Diary

Published Date : Jun 03, 2015

Google is known for creating the most startling developments in technology. After Google Glass, the tech giant company is planning to build an automated food diary which will display the calorie counts of the meals we have from the pictures we click of our food. The news about the latest Google innovation was published in a report by Popular Science. The project is named Im2Calories. The technology the device uses is taken from DeepMind, which is an AI startup that the company took over on 2014. 

Im2Calories will first measure the size of the food, both in relative and absolute terms. From the data collected, the system will identify the condiments present in your meal. The USP of the device is that it does not depend on high resolution images to give the calorie count of your food, as mentioned in the report. 

The technology however, has not reached its final stage. Some inaccuracies still persist when it comes to estimating the correct count of calories present in the given meal. Speaking about the ongoing experiments to make Im2Calories an impeccable technology, Kevin Murphy, who is a senior researcher at Google admitted to Popular Science that the calorie count displayed in the device varies by 20 percent of the actual calories count. However, according to Murphy the researchers working on the technology are not worried because they are quite certain to reduce inaccuracies over time. 

When it comes to judging Google’s ability to collect and process data sourced from a large number of users, no one can question its ability. However, one cannot deny that the company has a serious concern to address when it comes to innovations like Im2Calories to work in actuality, and that is calorie counts are never constant. They are unreliable.