Growing Demand for Home-Produced Foods in Britain Fuelled by the Birth of the Royal Baby

Published Date : Jun 03, 2015

Who could ever expect that will the arrival of royal baby, the British-made goods would enjoy a market revival?

According to reports, in the last couple of months the demand for clothes, foodstuffs, and furniture would witness an upward trend in demand because of the new found enthusiasm regarding the celebration of British culture and empire. 

A recent published report revealed that almost 73% of the people in England have yet again started associating with domestic brands such as Barbour, Burberry, and British Airways. The information was revealed by retail analysts Mintel. 

Mintel also said that the trend indicated a 44% increase in the preference of buying British food and drink. Almost 52% of the people surveyed said that they were prepared to pay extra for food obtained from home-grown produce if the extra amount can reach to the farmers in the U.K. 

Mintel then went on to say a series of feel-good events such as the birth of Princess Charlotte and the escalating popularity of television series like “Great British Bake Off” has played a significant role in fuelling the demand for British foods in Europe and elsewhere. 

The economic recovery also has emerged as one of the primary factors to have instilled renewed confidence in the economy and triggered a renewed fondness for domestic products. Capitalizing on the renewed interest on British food and products, leading retail outlets have introduced “Made in Britain” line of product as a counterfeit of the cheaper products imported from the Third World Countries. 

Mintel is expecting the older demographics to be the frontline customers of the popular British food brands. Post the horse meat scandal that occurred last year, European customers have become more aware about the food they consume. Providing quality food products therefore, will be the best way to win over the preference of Britain customers.