KFC China Sues Companies That Triggered Outlandish Rumors Against it

Published Date : Jun 03, 2015

Last year KFC China has to face a minor food safety scandal with one of their biggest providers in the country. The company it seems is yet to overcome the incident, hence it has now decided to stand up against those who tried to slander its reputation last year. KFC is now ready to sue the entities who had spread a series of rumors pertaining to the food chain which were not only untrue but has grossly damaged the company’s image in China and elsewhere. 

Other food scandals that were raged across China apart from KFC China in the last couple of months include a Purina lawsuit which claimed their food were killing dogs. There was another hoax which went viral that supposedly talked about police raid discovering human heads in one of the very popular restaurants in Nigeria. 

Safety scandals are not new to fast food chains. Popular names such in the food industry are dragged in the myriad of controversies time and again. McDonald’s for instance, faced major issue in Asian region with the same provider Shanghai Husi last year wherein rumor spread that a human finger was found in the meal. However, KFC China has decided to take a strong stand against people spreading such rumors and the accusers. 

As reported by CFO, the chain of KFC in China is now preparing to sue three different companies since the rumors about the food they serve first broke from WeChat accounts to these companies, which were Wei Lu Kuang Technology, Ying Chen Culture Communications, and Ling Dian Technology.
According to reports published by CS Monitor, the rumors waged against KFC China were chickens that the chain used are modified genetically so that they get a monstrous appearance with six wings and eight legs. Due to such outlandish claims KFC China has now sued the aforementioned three companies and have asked for a compensation worth $1.5 million yuan and an apology.