JP Morgan Axed Voicemail for Thousands of Staffs

Published Date : Jun 04, 2015

In a bid to save resources, JP Morgan has recently announced its decision of scrapping voicemail services for a million of its consumer banking staff. The step would save the company US$120 per worker in a year, and an incomprehensible amount of time which the staffs spend on thinking how to return to the main menu and which button to press for the same. 

Speaking about the company’s decision of scrapping voicemail facilities the head of consumer bank Gordon Smith said at the investor conference earlier this week that each of the staffs carries in his pocket a device that would allow them to get texts, emails or phone calls, the company therefore started to cut off those. 

JP Morgan revealed voicemail services which costs the company more than US$10 per staff, per month, is currently being removed from the employees who do not have to maintain a direct contact with customers across the company’s 135,000 consumer and banking divisions. 

A spokeswomen from the department revealed that it will close almost 65pc of voicemail inboxes which will lead to a saving of US$32 million in a year. The decision has been taken by the company as a part of its goal of saving US$2 billion from its annual expenditure. The options of keeping the services with employees who need it will remain with the managers. 

The offices of corporate banking businesses and investment in JP Morgan across its offices in London and elsewhere is also planning to cut down the expenditure that the company incurs on its voicemail. 

The decision will mark a decline in technology introduced to the world of financial and banking services way back in 1970s by George Matthews, a pioneer American engineer and entrepreneur.