South Africa to soon start with Procuring of Nuclear Power

Published Date : Jun 04, 2015

The Department of Energy in South Africa, Cape Town has announced that it will soon start with the process of procuring to the preferred international vendor for the regions much anticipated project – Nuclear Build Programme. The Deputy Director General of the department for Nuclear Energy stated that the government is projected to have finalized the procurement process by 2015 end. The director was briefing the Portfolio Committee on Energy which is at the Old Assembly located in Cape Town.

The director stated that their minister has declared her budget vote speech which the country is now ready to start the actual process of procurement in the second quarter of the current year and they expect that this process will be finalized before the end of this year. The director sated that the commencement of this process for procuring was a milestone for a program that has been lying in the pipeline since the government had first adopted a National Energy White Paper in the year 1998.

In 2006, the process of procuring commended with a capacity of 40 giga watts of nuclear energy prior to the process was later put on hold as the technical loopholes were noticed. In the year 2012, the National Development Plan said that the country’s policy framework is to be improved for the nation’s growth and generate jobs by the end of 2030. Also, it stated that the nation should pursue the procurement of around 9 giga watts of nuclear power by end of the year 2023.

This announcement occurred amidst the challenge the nation faces of tackling electricity constraint which has been a constant constraint on the nation’s economic growth.