Opportunities for Women in the Manufacturing Industry

Published Date : Jun 08, 2015

Women from different parts of the world are increasingly pursuing the career of their choice. As they gear-up for high-paying job profiles, the manufacturing industry has underlined the scope for achieving their career goals. 

According to a survey published by a community renowned by the name of Women in Manufacturing, more than 80 per cent of women who works in different port folios within the manufacturing industry have said that their job is both challenging and rewarding. Almost half of the women surveyed said that their impressive pay scale in the industry is the most noteworthy advantage, while 74% of them agreed job roles for women in the industry are varied and significant.

So the question that haunts our mind now is, despite of increasing opportunity for women in the manufacturing sector, why aren’t they seeking the specialized education, and training to get the skill set needed to nail a lucrative profile in the manufacturing industry? Well, surveys reveal that there is a widespread misperception about manufacturing industry, such as the facilities are dirty and dangerous, the industry is grossly suited for men, the jobs offered by the industry are neither professional nor high paying. However, converse to the popular notions, manufacturing units adhere to stringent safety and quality norms owing to which most of these facilities are much cleaner than our homes. Job in the manufacturing industry doesn’t only entail hard work and labor instead these facilities are now integrated with automated and advanced technologies. 

The report revealed that the women in the manufacturing industry have succeeding by their hard work, building network with other women in the industry, and seeking professional training and guidance from skilled industrial experts and professors.