Xiaomi, the New Smartphone Manufacturer in China, Aims to Invade the Global Space with Lei Jun Leading from Forefront

Published Date : Jun 08, 2015

When Xiaomi smartphones hit the market not many could guess the thunderous reception, the mobile manufacturing company is slated to witness. In India the smartphones manufactured by Xiaomi Corp was launched in April and within a few seconds 40,000 units of the smartphone was sold. Xiomi smartphones are in-built with features comparable to that of A-list Apple and Samsung smartphones and it is available for a much cheaper price. This is one of the key factors that has led to the increased demand for Xiaomi in India, China, and other South-Asian countries. 

Xiaomi Corp is just a five years old startup but with CEO Lei Jun leading from forefront, the company today is aiming to become an Apple-like entity in China. Xiaomi mobiles are received well by the Indian and Chinese consumers who are very happy to get high-end technology comparable to that offered by Apple and Samsung almost at a half price.

Lei Jun, 45, the young and dynamic chief executive officer of Xiaomi Corps is aiming to replicate overseas success in China. Son of a school teacher in China, Lei Jun’s early life was spent in the Hubei province in China. Mr. Lei was inspired to become an entrepreneur after he read about Steve Jobs, the Apple co-founder. When studying at the Wuhan University in Hubei, where students were given access to computers only for four hours a week, Lei Jun often used to sneak extra time. He also carried a paper and dummy keyboard so that he may practice. After finishing his studies, Lei Jun started a software company with his friends. 

Later in 1992, Mr. Lei joined Kingsoft Corp, a software company and became its CEO in only five years. He resigned from the company in 2007, and in 2011 he again joined KIngsoft Corp as the Chairman and as the largest shareholder of the company. 

However, it is after joining Xiaomi Corps as CEO that Mr. Lei has now moved ahead to fulfil his global ambitions.