The 2016 Version of Chevrolet Camaro to be Manufactured from the U.S. Facility

Published Date : Jun 08, 2015

When speaking about the popular American Muscle cars, it is impossible to get away without mentioning Chevrolet Camaro. After the release of the 4th generation Chevrolet Camaro in the early 90s, the manufacturing unit of this iconic Muscle Car was shifted to Canada. However, the functions of this manufacturing unit will halt for some time after the production of the final Chevy Camaro from the Oshawa Unit at General Motors Canada in 20th November, the production will yet again be shifted to the U.S. in Lansing, Michigan. The Chevy Camaro which is slated to be available for sale on 2016, will be produced from this American unit. 

General Motors has invested in a US$5.4 billion package to fuel its U.S operations. The General Motors facility in the U.S will carry out manufacturing operations for the next three years as a part of the production shift impelled by the company. 

It was announced by a spokesperson representing GM that the company is gearing up for investment worth 175 million dollars to upgrade the Lansing unit to accommodate the manufacturing of new Chevrolet Camaro, that is slated to be available for sail on the fourth quarter of this year. 

The manufacturing platform of the vehicle will remain the same like that of CTS Compact, Mid-Size Luxury Sedans, and Cadillac ATS. General Manager for GM in the North American unit has mentioned that through investing in tooling and equipment, GM will continue building high standards that is expected from American Muscle Cars.

To fulfil its promise to achieve excellence, General motors has already committed US$2.8 billion of the US$5.4 billion across several projects. The amount included US$1.2 billion which was invested to upgrade the plant located in Roanoke in Indiana.