Stop at One Glass of Soda or You are at Risk to Liver Disease

Published Date : Jun 09, 2015

You will not be too keen on sipping your second bottle of soda or any sugary drink after you read this news!

Tufts University researchers have found scary new links between people who have additional sodas or sugary drinks and risks of developing liver disease of the non-alcoholic kind. We are aware that sugary drinks can cause heart disease, tooth decay, and kidney stones and so on. The new research has discovered that just one extra sugar sweetened beverage in a day can give you non-alcoholic fatty liver disease. 

The findings were the result of analyzing dietary habits of selected 2,634 people who had to answer questions about the number of sweetened beverages that they consume often. The beverages included carbonated sweet drinks, lemonade, fruit drinks, caffeinated soda, non-caffeinated soda, and fruit punches. The participants took CT scan tests for gauging the fat amount in their liver. Those who drank more sugary drinks had higher rate of non-alcoholic fatty liver disease than those participants who drank less sugary beverages.

The Centre for Disease Control and Prevention in U.S. has found that 25% of adults in U.S. have sweetened beverages at least once in a day. According to research, the corn syrup in sodas causes fatty liver more than other types of sugar. In U.S. approximately 25% Americans are afflicted with non-alcoholic fatty liver disease and the disease occurs more in obese and diabetic people. The disease could also be set off by poor eating habits and sudden weight loss. 

Non-alcoholic fatty liver disease can lead to non-alcoholic steatohepatitis which is at risk to stroke, heart attack, cancer, and liver failure. Fortunately, through simple lifestyle changes in habits patients can recover from non-alcoholic fatty liver disease. You need to live! With no soda.