Encana Submits Report on Oil Spill Worth $197,000

Published Date : Jun 12, 2015

Texas regulators have been given the final numbers about an oil spill from an oil rig accident near the city of Karnes by Encana Corp. The estimate for the spill is around 138,000 gallons of crude oil valued at $197,000. The company based in Calgary has given the final report to the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ) last week. The report describes the May 19 accident off the FM792 in Karnes County.

The accident according to the report resulted in releasing of tens of thousand pounds of gas and crude oil of approximately 760,956 into the air and around the countryside. The amount of crude oil equals to about 3,293 barrels. The accident is under investigation though no action has been taken against Encana as yet. The Texas state agency and Texas Railroad Commission is investigating the accident. The Encana report speaks about the equipment having been tested and calibrated earlier.

According to Encana the crews were in the process of connecting a joint at the surface when the mishap happened due to pressure loss control that leaked the crude and gas. Boots and Co. were contacted and they helped in controlling the accident in almost 24 hours. But Encana stated that more than 1,000 acres of land was damaged by the oil and gas spill. Encana has paid for 3 families lodging at a hotel and two dozen homes were evacuated. The company has employed numerous subcontractors for cleaning homes, repairing half a mile of the roadway, clean up stock tanks, assess livestock, and to take soil samples.