Mexico - An Emerging Destination for Leading Car Manufacturing Companies

Published Date : Jun 15, 2015

Earlier whenever foreigners were asked to share their views about Mexico, they were more likely to divulge either of the two impressions – a highly awaited holiday destination during winter or a dangerous place to visit with persisting unrest. However, what a majority of the westerners fail to recognize is the unfathomable advantages which Mexico is capable of providing economically. 

If any of us visits to Mexico today, we shall encounter a sprawling international locate with almost 21 million citizens enjoying their life, and with this we will get introduced to a not much known aspect of the country. 

If car manufacturing in Mexico was relegated to lower levels owing to the poor quality of their produce, almost decade and a half later we shall see that the manufacturing scenario in the country has greatly transformed and global manufacturers have started recognizing Mexico as one of the leading destinations to establish their facilities and factories. 

Mexico offers many advantages because of which car manufacturers from around the world are looking forward to build their plants in the country. For instance, shipping between Mexico and Europe and from Mexico to a few parts of Asia will be traffic-free. 

In fact Canadians can enjoy geographical benefits of associating with Mexico in terms of manufacturing since, the country offers impressive proximity to a leading trade partner, the United States.  

In addition, the population in Mexico is becoming better educated and skilled, hence the firms can enjoy setting up advanced manufacturing units in the country. Moreover, as per records the factories located in Mexico has registered exponential gains in productivity, thereby helping businesses to become more profitable in a year-on-year basis. 

Furthermore, the weak currency in Mexico has helped the companies to offset the obvious increases in wages.