World Wine Fair: France Wins Most Awards

Published Date : Jun 15, 2015

France has scooped most of the awards at a ceremony, which was meant to mark the start of the globe’s biggest wine fair located in Bordeaux, however, a Spanish wine held the prestigious title for the high end Red Bordeaux.

Several New World winemakers are now catching up quickly with the skilled Old World viners to create some of the finest wines in the world, according to the Decanter magazine’s annual awards that took place on this Sunday.

This was the world’s largest wine fest, and out of the total 35 international trophies, 18 were awarded to wines from Europe, while 17 went to the star newcomers such as New Zealand, Chile, Argentina, South Africa, and Australia. These winners were selected from the 16,000 bottles after a long session of blind tasting conducted in London by over 300 masters of wine and other master sommeliers. According to the chairman of this Awards, Steven Spurrier, it is simply not enough for a wine to be excellent, the wine has to be the best from its kind.

Though France is the world’s dominating wine producer, and took home maximum number of trophies with eight, the fact is that a Spanish wine from Miguel Torres won the prize for high-end Red Bordeaux that featured a blend of Cabernet Franc, Cabernet Sauvignon, and Merlot grapes. This win in the Red Bordeaux category is a fine example of Spain’s rising reputation for quality.

In total, Spain won five awards, which was followed in Europe by three for Italy and 1 each for Slovenia and Portugal. The nation Slovenia bagged its award for a sweet wine that is old for around 20 euros, while the UK retailed Marks & Spencer won in the category for Chardonnay under 20 euros that is produced under its own label.