Organic Food Gaining Foothold in Emerging China Market

Published Date : Jun 15, 2015

The demand for organic food is rising in China as the nation’s middle class gains a stronger purchasing power and greater awareness about healthy living and its dietary concerns are growing.

The urbanites in China are seeking other options to purchase healthy and safe products. This trend is spurred by the recent food scandal incidents that have taken place. The China Green Food Development Center (CGFDC)’s director Wang Yunhao stated on May 28th, that the China is a market which attracts a great amount of attention from the world’s organic traders. The sales volume recorded for organic products in the Chinese market is approximately 20 to 30 billion Yuan each year, according to the director.

Prominent industry players from Germany, Denmark, and Australia are targeting the potentially lucrative market of China and are have begun showcasing their dairy, wine, and meat products in Biofach China, which is the China International Organic Food Fair. This is the second largest organic food fair which was conducted in Shanghai.

According to the Danish Agriculture and Food Council, Chief Advisor, they export around 80 million Yuan worth of organic food products to China each year after receiving their organic food certificate in 2013. The Chief Advisor further stated that their baby formula and organic milk are one of the bestselling products in this nation.

All of the imported products in China are to be certified which is done after auditing and onsite inspection from a certification committee prior to making them available on supermarket shelves in China. At present, Soybeans and oil represent one of the top in demand organic products in India.