Pfizer Inc. to Build New Facility in Suzhou, China to Expand Centrum® and Caltrate® Production

Published Date : Jun 16, 2015

In terms of technology Pfizer Inc. announced earlier today that it surpassed all records to register production of consumer products worth $95 million in its manufacturing unit located in the Suzhou province of China. Hence, the company has decided to expand its operations in China and has already acquired a new site at a close proximity of its existing unit in Suzhou site with the aim of augmenting its production capacity in order to satisfy the increasing demand for consumer healthcare products across China and Asia Pacific region. 

The decision of expanding operations in China is a calculated step taken by Pfizer Consumer Healthcare. Asia Pacific is a lucrative and a rapidly growing market for healthcare products and the new factory built in Suzhou will give the company the much needed production capacity to meet the increasing demand for the products from Pfizer brand in Asia Pacific and China, as told by Regional President for Asia Pacific and Europe, Africa and Middle East operations of Pfizer Consumer Healthcare, Andy Schmeltz. 

The unit will as of now will primarily focus on the production of Centrum® multivitamins and Caltrate® dietary supplements. However, in future, the facility according to the company spokesperson, will support the production of other healthcare consumer products as well. The company harbors plans of constructing an international standard research and development facility near the existing site to boost healthcare innovation in Asia Pacific. 

The proposed site, as revealed by the company, will achieve LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certification. The facility will incorporate the latest technologies to ensure efficient utilization of energy and minimize water and energy consumption. For instance, the facility will be fitted with energy-efficient manufacturing equipment. For lighting, LED and solar powered fittings with automatic controls will be used in the facility.