Following the Rise in Number of MERS cases in South Korea, China Issues MERS ‘High Alert’

Published Date : Jun 16, 2015

The healthcare industry in China has taken necessary steps to propagate the national health warning pertaining to the spread of MERS (the deadly outbreak which originated in Saudi Arabia, and later was spread to South Korea), after South Korea announced on Monday the new statistics of MERS related deaths. 

With this announcement China has emerged as the latest of the Asia countries after Taiwan and Singapore to have imposed severe restrictions and major warnings against the travel to and from the place of MERS outbreak. 

According to reports, almost 16 patients in South Korea, tested positive with MERS died since the outbreak of the epidemic last month. Doctors of the country have confirmed that there are at least 150 people in the country who have been infected with MERS, and among those 150, a total number of 120 patients are currently undergoing treatment. 

Saudi Arabia, where the virus had originated also announced the spread of the disease. The region reported five new cases of MERS infection, according to reports released by state television. 

On Monday, the Chinese regulatory body announced that the country has been placed on high alert since the first case of MERS has been discovered in the nation. However, they also reported that the infected person is not Chinese but a national of South Korea. The infected South Korean is now recovering in a reputed hospital in China. 

In order to restrict the spread of the deadly disease in China, the country government has ordered the tourism officials, customs agents, and all government officials who are in charge of inspecting border crossing to lookout for signs of the disease. 

Hospitals and healthcare centers too have been ordered to closely monitor any symptoms of the disease and isolate patients who may carry the virus. The hospitals have been asked to monitor MERS patients 24*7 and strive to develop the cure for MERS which is a short-form for Middle East respiratory syndrome.