Accenture Interactive Forecasts Healthcare Industry to Enter “Third Wave of Digital”

Published Date : Jun 16, 2015

According to experts, healthcare industry is first in line to receive the “third wave of digital”. While in 1990, digital wave ushered the age of the Internet, in 2000 it entailed enhanced mobility through global high speed connectivity. However, the digital wave has now forayed the “living services”. This has been cited in the report published by Accenture officials in June 15. According to the report, healthcare industry is among the organizations that will soon provide a new wave of digital services to their customers. 

The report also says that the healthcare industry will be the first among the industrial verticals where the digital wave is expected to appear. The conclusion has been drawn from the observation that healthcare industry has already unveiled self-health tracking devices. The industry has also pulled the curtains off the mobile health platforms and health wearables that are likely to help customers with the management of a myriad of chronic and acute ailments. 

Speaking about the latest findings Brain Whipple, the Accenture Interactive Senior Managing Director announced in a press statement released on June 15 regarding the report findings that the living services introduced in the healthcare industry will enhance consumer experience greatly. The digital wave in healthcare industry will be spurred by the development of wearable technologies. Such living experiences according to Whipple will impact human lives in a more positive and deeper way than web or mobile services. 

Chief client officer of Fjord in design and innovation group of Accenture Interactive, Mark Curtis said, while the society is still very much in the mobile era, but the end of third era is impending and it will happen sooner than expected. 

The forthcoming era of digital wave, according to Curtis, will constitute digitization of everything. This according to Accenture Interactive will bring about “healthcare revolution”.