Mamba’s New Mouse features the World’s Most Precise Sensor

Published Date : Jun 17, 2015

The upcoming wireless gaming mouse from Razer claims to have the world’s most precise laser sensor. This brand new gaming mouse has around mousing sensitivity of 16 thousand dots per linear inch (DPI). It is also designed to be used with high resolution screens and multi-monitor setups. The old Mamba mouse had only 6,400 dots per linear inch (DPI).

According to Razer, their upcoming 5G laser sensor Mamba at present is the globe’s most precise one. This sensor is supposedly able to track around 1 DPI increments as compared to the 50 DPI increments, which most mice used for gaming feature. Furthermore, the new Mamba mouse comes with nine programmable buttons and one of these buttons is a wheel featuring tilt click scroll.

This new, upgraded version of the Mamba mouse utilizes the Razer company’s patent-pending technology called ‘Adjustable Click Force Technology’. This technology lets gamers to adjust the depth of the click of the right and left buttons. This mouse features around 14 distinct click settings, which allows gamers to switch between them the way they want.

And this depends upon the game they are playing. Also, multiplayer online battle arena games such as the League of Legends can be played with lighter click settings for a better experience. The mouse allows FPS games to be played with higher accuracy as well. The previous model of Mamba lasted for around 16 hours, however, this new mouse’s battery is good for around 20 hours of continuous gaming.

Besides performance, the new mouse has Chroma lighting system which is built into the sides of the mouse, that when used with the firm’s cloud based configurator – Synapse allows for around 16.8 million personalized colors and effects. The new mice from Razer – Mamba Tournament Edition and Mamba will be available in the United States in the third quarter of 2015 and they will be priced around US$90 and US$150 respectively.