Low Calorie Cheese Launched by Online Food Store

Published Date : Jun 17, 2015

Cheese has been around for many centuries and it is used as a taste enhancer in a number of dishes. Cheese is a great source of protein, which is why it is generously used in several recipes such as pizza, pasta, and lasagna. Available in different types and forms, cheese has been a favorite inclusion in the world’s greatest recipes and baked dishes. However, as time passed and people have grown accustomed to unhealthy lifestyle, and excessive consumption have proved to trigger health and heart problems. Hence man can no longer savor cheese, without feeling the pinch of guilt.

But here is an important piece of information that will let you gorge cheese to your heart contents. According to reports a new range of low-calorie cheese will be soon launched in the market which will help you lose weight. 

One of the leading online bodybuilding food store, Muscle Food, has introduced a new range of fat free cheese that contains almost 85% less fat content than the popular varieties of cheese available in the market. This cheese will be rich in protein and is being touted as a game-changer for health conscious population by marketers, as reported in a leading international daily. 

A normal serving of 56 gram cheese on a toast will entail consumption of 18 gram fat, whereas in case of low fat cheese, a 56 gram serve would have only 7 gram of fat. Similarly while a single portion of nachos will entail the consumption of 346 calories, the Jalopeno Jack version will contain only 143 calories. The fromages are made from natural ingredients especially for vegetarians, and it costs £3.95 per pack. 

Speaking about the latest offering by MuscleFood.com Darren Beale said that people nowadays are becoming more conscious about their health and wellness. They have become conscious about the fat they consume as well. Hence, the company has launched the fat free cheese along with a range of healthy pizzas to satisfy the taste urges of consumers without compromising on their health and fitness concerns.