“Emoji-only-passcodes” Launched by British Banking Service Company

Published Date : Jun 18, 2015

One of the leading British banking service provider is all set to launch a completely new passcode system that they believe is much safer and easier to remember. So what is this new tool? The banking service provider has apparently introduced emoji as passcode. 

The emoji will represent a new system of passcode for Intelligent Environment. It will allow users access to their respective bank accounts by using four chosen emoji characters. This will be a complete new system of passcode which according to the banking provider is likely to offer greater safety than traditional alpha-based and numeric passwords. The system according to the reports, will compile 44 emoji characters including the ones which are most popular in social network. 

With a bank of 44 emoji characters, the new system of the passcode will have four hundred and eighty times more permutations using the emoji characters compared to the conventional four-digit passwords or passcodes. The information is revealed by the IE. IE also mentions that research conducted to study the viability of proposed passcode shows that humans remember images more easily than keeping mind complicated combinations of letters and numbers. 

Apart from this, IE cited that the new emoji passcode system will also provide other benefits such as it will more easily cater younger demographic, which is an important part of the company’s plan to court millennials in the near future. 

To study the viability of the system, the company had taken feedback and inputs from a considerably large youth demography when they were in the process of developing the system, said the managing director of IE David Webber in a recently released statement. He also said that the research conducted by them also revealed that as much as 64% of the millennial communicate only through using emoji on a regular basis. Hence, this explains why the company took the decision of reinventing a more interesting, attracting, easy to remember, and safer passcode for the generation of today.