C&H Financial Services Acquires Regal Payment Systems, LLC, One of the Top Merchant Service Providers

Published Date : Jun 18, 2015

Earlier today it was announced by the C&H Financial Services Inc. that the company is acquiring Regal Payment Systems, LLC, which is a Tennessee, Columbia based financial service firm. 

C&H is one of the most prominent international firms in the sector of financial services. Among the plethora of services that the firm offers, it specializes in data processing and merchant services. Located in Chicago, Illinois, C&H is counted among one of the fastest growing financial services companies in America. 

The company has a network of over 5000 merchants, and each year it processes volumes worth more than $1 billion. C&H is also among the top 50 companies in the payment processing segment. C&H maintains offices across United States in Florida, Illinois, Texas, and California. After the acquisition of Regal Payment Systems, the company will have its office in Tennessee as well. C&H also maintains an international presence across Australia, New Zealand, and Canada. 

Speaking about the progress exhibited by the company, the Co-Chairman of C&H Financial Services, Anthony Holder said that C&H was seeking to acquire a top Merchant Services provider in the arena of First Data. It is because the company boasted an outstanding reputation as one of the Top 10 Merchant Service providers and it also has an impressive merchant portfolio that prompted C&H Financial Services to select Regal Payment Systems. The acquisition according to Holder, will allow C&H Financial Services to add product and services that the acquisition made available through First Data to the company’s existing network of offerings constituting Paymentech and TSYS platforms. This will enable C&H Financial Services to offer services that will help businesses to grow and progress. 

Following the acquisition, C&H is likely to reach $5 billion worth of transaction volume by the end of this year.