Solar-Powered Cars Looked Upon with High Hopes Despite Tripping

Published Date : Jun 22, 2015

In February this year, when Hanergy Chairman Li Hejun gave his view about a solar technology known as thin film, to develop a solar-powered car was the first to take a front seat.

As per Mr. Li’s plans, which he announced in a speech at a product innovation launch competition held in Beijing, which did not have much specifics but portrayed to be high on ambition. Hanergy said, he would work with a handful of design firms to begin development and roll out a completely solar-powered car by the end of the year.

It was a substantial increase from Hanergy’s previous dallying in the car sector, which also includes collaborating with Aston Martin, the British luxury car maker for solar-powered applications for race cars. It has also worked on a few Tesla superchargers based in China and did installation of solar panels at the manufacturing facilities of Honda and Volkswagen in China. 

The observers in the auto industry are curious about Hanergy’s plans to develop company owned solar powered car, especially in the scenario in which the company is diverted by a probe carried on one of its listed unit by Hong Kong securities regulator.

Earlier, last week Hanergy reasserted its goal for the auto industry, commenting at the Wall Street Journal about its plan to work with five design companies and also that it has aim to develop and not necessarily roll out solar powered cars by October this year.
To be specific, the target is to roll out three to five concept cars by October. As per experts, to develop a concept car is not difficult, but the real challenge is to bring it to the market and commercialize the machine.