Scinofarm Collaborates with Raffles for New Drug

Published Date : Jun 22, 2015

Raffles PharmaTech is to collaborate and manufacture “Celecoxib”. The combination of Raffes expertise in R&D and the production ability of ScinoPharm Pharmaceuticals Ltd., (Changshu) is set to explore business ventures in U.S.

Raffles will take over the R&D for Celecoxib and ScinoPharm will manufacture the drug. Both companies will share profits after the launch of the product. The products are expected to be available in U.S. by 2018.

Scinofarm is striving to improve capacity utilization and speed up growth by seeking license-in models and self-development, according to Dr. Yung Fa Chen the CEO of ScinoPharm. The new drug Celecoxib is used for treating osteoarthritis, acute tissue injury and postoperative pain. The drug reduces any side effects and reactions to the gastrointestinal tract due to it not constraining physiological enzymes.  The anticipated sales in U.S. for the Celecoxib is are to reach US$500 million by 2018.

ScinoPharm is a foremost API and R&D manufacturing service provider in the worldwide pharmaceutical industry. ScinoPharm has manufacturing and research facilities in Mainland China and Taiwan. The company offers an extensive range of services including APIs for general industries and initial stage pharmaceutical undertakings for company brands. ScinoPharm wants to determinedly pursue the prospects of setting up a one-stop-shopping for oncological injectable formulations. 

ScinoPharm blends supreme knowledge of regulations with economical resources and provides R&D for pharmaceuticals globally. The company was established in 1997 and on site operations began by 1999. The company offers API and R&D services that has the capabilities to satisfy customers’ needs.  

ScinoPharm has extensive in-depth experience in regulatory and pharmaceutical fields and is located in Taiwan at the Tainan Science Industrial Park.