ADHD Disorder More Common in Adults than Children in U.S.

Published Date : Jun 22, 2015

Adults have outdone children in U.S. for attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. Adults are taking medications in more quantities compared to children in U.S. and contributed 53% of the 63 million prescriptions for ADHD medicines during last year. The figures were from data compiled by Shire Plc.  The amount has increased from 39% of 2007. 

ADHD is normally associated with children and this condition has continued into adult life according to the research.  ADHD results in restlessness, impulsive behavior and lack of concentration and there is growing awareness that it can also be inherited. ADHD market is growing fast in the adult category according to Flenning Ornskov the Shire CEO. The market is showing signs of being as fast as the normal market for ADHD medications. 

The company has approval to treat adults and children aged 6 to 17 and has dominated the ADHD global market in the previous year. The drugs sales had risen to 18% with US$1.4 billion last year and has surpassed rival Johnson & Johnson and Norvatis drugs for the ADHD problem. The two rival companies have lost their patent protection.

Shire is trying to get more out of its ADHD collection and has reformulated the Adderall medication for adults to becoming a long acting treatment that can last for 16 hours and is trying to get approval from official regulators in U.S. for the second half of the year in 2017. The drug company has also managed to win authorization for binge eating disorder treatment in January.

In Europe children suffer more from ADHD and make up 74% of the market segment. But this trend is beginning to alter in Spain and Germany. Sweden is a fast growing market and is beating U.S. according to Ornskov.