Yudea - A Buffalo-based Start-up Aims to Capitalize on Additive Manufacturing

Published Date : Jun 22, 2015

A business idea can be mooted in the strangest of events. Something similar happened between Colin Walker and Dan DiNardo. Both of them met through their respective girlfriends who literally forced the strangers to be a part of a double date. However, once conversation started between the both, they realized similarities between their business ideals. Colin Walker and Dan DiNardo came from different background, hence held expertise in specialized categories. Both of them started working together and they have launched Start-up Company recently. 

Yudea – which is a word derived from “Your idea” – is focused to bridge businesses with 3-D printers which are used only by the craftsman who knows how to operate them. The company aims at maximizing the use of the expensive machines by providing access to those who couldn’t possibly invest on getting the machines. The company wishes to capitalize on the thriving additive manufacturing segment. 

The founders of the company were motivated by the very successful tech stories of Airbnb and Uber. The duo has plans of eventually developing a password that will rapidly connect businesses and the people who can enjoy access to their 3-D printers. With this the company wishes to make available the benefits of additive manufacturing to increased number of people. 

However, as of now the duo is busy beta testing Yudea with some of the early adopters of Buffalo in the sector of additive manufacturing. The most prominent name includes A. A. Miller Technical Sales Inc. 

Speaking about the rapid developments taking place in their company Walker said that as of now they are concentrating only on forming relationships between businesses and people. He also revealed that the company has already identified many 3D printers that are likely to get on board. People belonging from different sectors such as automotive workers and jewelers have expressed their interest on using these printers. 

During the initial phase Yudea will have to commence its operations with the sale of a couple of printers though, but the co-founders target to make the technology available for a wide variety of applications.