Report Says, Australian Manufacturing Should Prepare to Face Challenger Triggered by the New Industrial Age

Published Date : Jun 22, 2015

According to a new report published by CEDA, Australian workforce are on the verge of ushering an era of hyper connectivity, self-driving cars, and artificial intelligence. Leading dailies cited that the workforce of the country is facing the challenge to pace up with the impending industrial age, and the manufacturing sector of the country is not spared from the challenges either. 

As indicated in a report published by the Committee for Economic Development of Australia as many as 5 million jobs in the country are facing the risk of being rendered outdated or obsolete in the next ten to fifteen years. The report is modelled in the lines of the recently published report, Australia’s Future Workforce. 

Manufacturer’s Monthly recently interviewed the CEO of CEDA, Prof. Stephen Martin. He said that some of the traditional economic sectors in Australia such as agriculture and resource, has already witnessed machines replacing workers. This is just a premonition of what is beheld by future for the other sectors too. 

The CEDA report questions that how well the nation is prepared to witness the challenge the technological advances is set to bring in. While changes in skill requirement due to technological innovations is not new, but the pace at which this change is taking place is alarming and unprecedented. 

The top reasons triggering this change includes the availability of cheaper and more power computerized and automated technologies, higher level of machine learning, and an increasingly connected world. The manufacturing rules have become highly susceptible to this change. In order to keep up with the competitiveness and gratify the paradigm shift in consumer demands, the Australian manufacturers will have to compulsorily agree to the changing dynamics of technology. 

Industry leaders have cited that it will be extremely crucial for those growing up in the “Infotronics Age” to have STEM educational skills. Moreover, computational skills will become indispensable owing to digital disruptions, as reported by leading experts.