Survey Reveals Americans Trash Food Worth US$640 Every Year

Published Date : Jun 24, 2015

A recent report revealed that Americans throw away food worth US$640 every year, and a majority of them are not really bothered about the environmental impacts triggered from the pilings of the dump of leftover food on the landfill either. The observation was released on Wednesday in a survey conducted by the American Chemistry Council. 

Efforts has been attuned in the encourage the buying of organic food and sourcing locally. However, the country is still struggling with the increasing incidences of throwing away food. 

It has been noted in the survey that an increasing number of Americans survive on the leftovers, while more than half of the population in the U.S. repurpose other meals with leftovers. According to a survey conducted by ACC on 1000 adults, 76% of the participants accepted that they throw away leftovers at least once in a month. 

While 79% of the participants in the survey were concerned about the money wasted because of throwing away food, 45% were bothered because there are others in society who cannot afford two times of full course meal. However, only 15% of the participants in the survey thought about the adverse environmental impact cause due to throwing away of food. 

Speaking about the situation, the Vice President of Plastics at ACC, Steve Russell said that humans are taught since childhood to finish the food in their plate and not to waste food because there are hungry people. However, according to Steve Russell instead humans should have been taught about the negative environmental impacts of food waste. ACC is a trade organization that deals with chemical companies and advocates the use of recycled plastics. 

According to the findings of Environmental Protection Agency, food waste constitutes over 20% of landfill dump. As the waste food rots it emits methane gas, which is potent greenhouse gas. In addition, there is also an environmental impact triggered by the increase in shipping food across the country.