Food Safety Watchdog in China Recalls Milk and Dairy Products

Published Date : Jun 24, 2015

In a latest step taken by Chinese government to ensure availability of high standard and quality food across the country, the Chinese food safety watchdog has asked three of the prominent milk producers based in Shaanxi province to evoke infant milk powder formula, which were identified as sub-standard, from the market. The Chinese food industry is already in trouble and this is another blow to the food market in China. 

Earlier this week on Tuesday it was released on the official website of China Food and Drug Administration that the companies that manufactures products with an excessive amount of selenium and nitrate should be prepared for getting severely punished. 

Daily imports have exponentially increased in China in the last couple of years owing to the increasing disposable income of the Chinese population who seek safer and higher quality food products. Authorities have reported a continued slump in the quality of food those manufactured in China and distributed across China. Food safety has remained a big issue in the country for a while. Back in 2008 China was marred by the melamine milk scandal. Almost 300,000 children fell sick and at least 6 children died after consuming baby milk powder formula that reportedly contained industrial chemical. 

The scandal triggered high demand for imported and organic food in the country. Ever since then China has become one of the largest importers of dairy products which led to a huge boon for Fonterra, the New Zealand milk giant. 

As a consequence of the new controversies related to dairy and milk products in China, the food regulatory authority in India extended its ban on the import of milk and other dairy products in China for a year. 

After netting more than 3 billion yuan on meat imported illegally, some of it were almost 40 years old, the food and safety authority in China has reportedly arrested 20 people in the Hunan province, Changsha.