Telco Industry Demands More Deregulation

Published Date : Mar 20, 2014

AMTA, Communications Alliance supports the ‘red tape’ repeal dealings with the federal government 

Since, the federal government reduced the regulations pertaining to the telco and broader communications industries, The Communications Alliance and the Australian Mobile Telecommunications Association (AMTA) have shown a positive reaction to the government’s decision. 

Malcolm Turnbull, Communications minister and parliamentary secretary Paul Fletcher state that the communications sector will have around $45 million each year from the revoke of 1000 pages of regulation. 

Turnbull had plenty of examples to cite in the questioning session. He mentioned about the examples related to radio stations having to supply audited accounts to the Australian Communications and Media Authority, the red tape that was being removed, and complaints that ACMA handled in the telecommunications sector as well.

According to AMTA CEO Chris Althaus’s statement, the growth and benefits of the mobile telecommunications are enhanced and further supported by markets that do not constrain the weight of the outdated regulation. AMTA has proposed regulatory reforms and deregulation options that need deep insights and comprehensive review of the legislation and policy terms and conditions, added Althaus. 

AMTA wants to receive a review of the Radiocommunications Act 1992 to bring everything in a streamline regarding the regulatory framework that administers licensing and allocation. 

The Chief executive of Communications Alliance John Stanton supported the omnibus bill and mentioned Fletcher, Turnbull, and the Department of Communications had interactively engaged with the industry to recognize the regulations that could be revoked. 

Stanton completely supported the Telecommunications Act with standard norms and agreements. He added in a statement, that his company is pleased with the overall alignment of the requirements for service providers with the ACCC and the newly developed for Comms Alliance to modify the Codes. 

The Comms Alliance is interested in intricate deregulation reforms that are included in the second revoke day.