Lunar New Year declared as a public school holiday by the mayor of New York City

Published Date : Jun 24, 2015

On Tuesday, Mayor Bill de Blasio reported Lunar New Year, which is a public school holiday on official terms, in New York City, which will permit a huge number of students of Asia to enjoy the celebration without needing to miss classes. 

As per a record posted at the site of the Department of Education of New York City, without precedent for the 2015-2016 school year, every public school will remain shut on Lunar New Year, which takes place on Feb. 8, 2016. The perception of Lunar New Year as an occasion in public schools is viewed as an acknowledgment of the developing number of Asian studies in the city's educational system. 

Michael Witt, 40 years old, works for an organization on Wall Street, stated that celebrating Lunar New Year is a customary tradition for Asians, and after quite a while of thought, New York City at last settled on the choice to perceive this convention and the significance of cultural diversity with Asia included, which is a right heading. 

New York Long Island Chinese Society’s president, named Zhang Guodong, additionally proclaimed the move, saying this is without a doubt something worth being thankful for that the Lunar New Year has been made an official school occasion by the New York City.

There are more Asian students in the public schools of New York these days, and the populace is making up for lost time with some other ethnic gatherings. So it’s sensible to perceive and make Lunar New Year similarly imperative as different celebrations that have as of now been celebrated, stated Zhang. 

Asian-Americans is the most swiftly developing group in New York City, with almost 175,000 students of Asian origin enlisted in public schools, as per official information.