Ford Finally Joins the Race of Driverless Cars

Published Date : Jun 25, 2015

With all the global auto manufacturers working on driverless cars, Ford has rolled up its sleeves too. According to the company executives, Ford Motor Co. would introduce further developments in its advanced safety technology and would include automatic braking across its global vehicle line-up during the span of next five years. Such systems would be precursors of fully autonomous vehicles and will enable hands-free driving of cars under certain conditions. In these systems, some of the basic functions such as braking, steering, and throttle would be automated. 

It has been observed that Ford has been lagging behind its rivals such as Daimler, General Motors, Mercedes Benz, Tesla Motors, and Volkswagen in announcing the plans regarding driverless cars. All its competitors have pitched for offering semi-automated driving cars during the span of next 18 months. The company executives have further revealed that Ford has created a global team to work on the self-driving vehicles with Randy Visintainer directing the team. The move reflects the CEO Mark Fields’ aim to push Ford’s presence in the self-driving vehicles market. 

According to Raj Nair, the global product development chief at Ford Motors Co., the company would introduce driver-assist technologies in the product line-up and would strengthen the automated driving capability of the cars in the next five years. However, he declined to comment on the launching of such vehicles in the market. Ford’s rivals have committed to a deadline of 2020 in launching the driverless cars in the market. Recently, it has been observed that the global automobile manufacturers have tied up with the technology firms in developing the driverless car technologies. Presently, Ford is aiming to introduce automatic braking and pedestrian detection in all of its vehicles by 2019.