Production of iPhone with Force Touch is Underway

Published Date : Jun 29, 2015

Suppliers of Apple Inc. have started producing new iPhone models with a new feature called Force Touch. People close to the matter have revealed that the new feature will sense how hard the users are pressing down on a screen. The newest iPhones will be of the same dimensions of 4.7- inch and 5.5- inch, as the present models of iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. Apple had first introduced this feature for the Apple Watch and the latest MacBook model. 

It took the technology giant around two years to incorporate this feature in iPhone after it started working with the suppliers to perfect the pressure-sensitive displays. The feature allows users to adjust the strength of their screen taps to bring up different functions. Industry analysts hail this move of the technology giant as a step to stay ahead in the competition. Rival Samsung Electronics Co. unveiled its latest Galaxy Phone earlier this year which has a screen that can be viewed from the side. 

Foxconn Technology Group, Apple’s supplier relies on the iPhone to achieve growth amid declining PC sales. According to the annual report, last year Apple registered 50.3% of sales at Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., the largest member of the Foxconn Group. Terry Gou, chairman and founder of Foxconn Technology has mentioned that his company would be able to register a minimum of 10% revenue growth this year. 

With consumers, especially in China and other countries in Asia preferring larger display screens, Apple released its iPhones last year with bigger screens to compete with the offerings from HTC Corp. and Samsung. This led the technology giant to achieve 40% hike in its iPhone unit sales. Also, the larger display screens of iPhone helped Apple to topple Samsung as the leader in the global smartphone industry. People close to the matter have mentioned that the company is hopeful about the final assembly of the iPhones being smooth as the design is similar to that of the current model.