Latin Americans Love to Shop at Alibaba the Chinese E-Commerce Portal

Published Date : Jun 30, 2015

China’s e-commerce giant Alibaba is among the topmost three companies in Brazil and gets approximately 110 million visits per month. The details were from a web analytics company Similarweb. 

Alibaba is an e-commerce company that has yet to carve a footprint in U.S. but has made an advance into Brazil. The e-commerce company is selling goods to online companies in Latin America, from suppliers in China and other countries.

Alibaba has a site that started in 2010, and sells 40 categories of goods across 200 countries. However, the company does not reveal volumes, but has reported that the worth of goods sold through the website had surpassed US$4.5 billion in the year ending June 30, 2015. The site has become popular in Russia and is trying to attract Latin American shoppers. 

AliExpress has expanded rapidly in Latin America especially in Mexico, Brazil and Chile. It is among the highest 3 sites in Brazil, according to the director of emerging market operations at Alibaba. 

The highest demand is for electronics, jewelry, apparel, and wedding products among the categories of goods that are sold through the site. The main challenge that the retail giant faces is the delivery of goods to customers. Customs clearance can take approximately 30 days, and delivery about 2 weeks. Yet, so many Brazilians do not mind shopping on the site and waiting for their deliveries. 

This is because Alibaba offers a wide selection at lower prices and connects customers with producers directly. The company is trying to accelerate deliveries through collaboration with local parcel services, Local payment is also accepted. The website has a Spanish version to suit local shoppers as well.