Apple Files Petition for Patent of Innovative Technology That Makes Texting While Walking Safer

Published Date : Apr 01, 2014

You can now let go of your worries of getting bumped on a pole or getting stumped while walking just because your eyes are glued to your smartphone’s screen and you are too busy concentrating at texting while walking. 

US technology giant Apple is soon to introduce a technology (it has already filed a petition for its patent) that does not even require you to pull your head out of your phone and look around - a live video feed of anything that is in the front of you, or essentially in front of the phone’s rear camera, will replace the text background of your smartphone and you would safely cross any obstructing object in your way and continue texting.  

The technology that we speak of is Apple’s “transparent texting”, which works on the idea of overlaying text messages on a live video, being fed continuously through the rear camera of the phone, rather than on the default text screen. This will help users to see everything that is happening or is located beyond their phone and keep texting at the same time. 

The feature of transparency can be easily activated by pressing a button on the screen. This would switch-on the video feed without even interrupting your texting session. 

Switching the feature on will make the text messages appear as being overlaid on the live video feed in form of text bubbles of opaque or semi-transparent appearance. 

The patent details ensure that extensions of this feature can also be used for overlaying a webpage on the live video feed or potentially in any other application where text is displayed on a background. 

Though a little self-control and a bit of care in public places can help reduce any such nuances resulting from people putting all their mind in their phones, a technology like transparent texting can no doubt reduce the number of injuries occurring as a result of using the phone for texting as one walks. 

Such accidents, according to a recent study, are even more frequent than those occurring as a result of distracted driving, and so features like these in your smartphone can act as precautionary measures and save you physical harm.