Entrepreneurs Use Hemp for Home Construction

Published Date : Jul 07, 2015

It all started from Hurricane Katrina, which brought a havoc flooding houses in New Orleans oozing mold, some of which are uninhabitable to this day. Following this was the Haitian earthquake, reporting thousands dead being crushed by homes which were supposed to be their sanctuaries.

A Wall Street analyst, residing on Central Park got disturbed seeing the conditions on television and in newspapers. As per the analyst, sitting on the kitchen table inside his home which overlooks the Hudson River, he thought of something that could be the done to deal with the calamity.

What the analyst came up with is not anything such as futuristic or space-age polymer or even recycled composite, but something that is used for millenniums, which is often demonized than esteemed on these places.

Who could think hemp would be the solution to the question that was sought? This was stated by the analyst who started a company to create building materials obtained from cannabis. On account of this move, the prohibited plant is gaining mainstream acceptance. 

The first projects carried were on the analysts’’ 1850s farmhouses, although the analyst believes hemp-based construction materials can revolutionize construction and agriculture throughout New York. 

Though cannabis has long been used in ropes, paper products, and sails- President Jefferson ad President Washington both cultivated the crop. The Wall Street analyst is among a few entrepreneurs, who has switched to a novel usage known as hempcrete.

The woody balsa like inside of Cannabis sativa is combined with water and lime to fabricate hempcrete. Although the product in insufficient of the structural stability which is suggested by its name, hempcrete does offer natural insulation which is airtight but still flexible and breathable. The material is free from toxins, impermeable to pest and mold, and practically fireproof.