Outback Manufacturing Builds Machine Parts for a Variety of Industries

Published Date : Jul 07, 2015

The Outback Manufacturing’s quality department thoroughly checks the dimensions of every machine part that comes out of the company’s 16,000-square-foot main building. It also provides accurate dimensions to within 0.0002 inches.  

The Vice President of the company, John Lynch added that a human hair is nearly 0.0003 inches thick, making another magnitude smaller. John Lynch said it is a necessity for Outback to perform thorough checks, with custom manufacturing, specialty metal and plastic parts ranging from wedges for medical institutions to pieces fit in air filters often used by aerospace companies such as Boeing. Outback makes a little bit of everything for almost every industry, added Lynch. 

According to Lynch, Outback was founded in the late 1990s when president and owner had designed climbing gear at the Bend outdoor sport company which was later known as Metolius Mountain Products. Back in 2009, the company was moved to a different location at the West of O.B. Riley Road. 

Today, Outback functions with around 150 different companies which use the components in medical devices, unmanned aerial vehicles, off-road trucks, and hunting rifles. Lynch said that the companies in the market will approach Outback Manufacturing with a blueprint and computerized model for the parts they need. If Outback is able to build it, the company will quote and begin the process at the earliest. For some of the standard designs the company can often complete the piece of metal and plastics in a couple of hours. Lynch can make smaller and simpler components in a rapid succession so that when customers call they have the parts ready the same day if necessary. 

The metals and plastics are carved into a shape that fits the blueprint provided before being tested for compliance by the quality and assurance department. Outback has 12 machines in the building that help design all these components. 
Outback typically ships around thousands of individual parts to the clients every week across the country, added Lynch.  

In June, Outback Manufacturing announced a dual certification for its facility with achievements including the ISO 9001: 2008 certification and the AS9100 Rev C Certification. According to Lynch, Outback is the only company that is AS 9100 certified among approximately half dozen other manufacturing shops in Central Oregon.