China to have 7 Billion Sq.ft of Urban Green Buildings by 2020: Report

Published Date : Jul 08, 2015

A recent report created by CRBE considers China to be a trailblazer when it comes to green building development. The real estate company forecasts that China will house seven billion square feet of urban green buildings by the year 2020.

The Chinese report, “The New Era of Green Buildings”, offers key insight into the nation’s progress since the government’s decision to opt for greener infrastructure. 

The CRBE revealed that there were more than 2500 environmental building projects undertaken in China in January 2015 alone. 

The real estate firm also found that there were 627 Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design projects being undertaken across the world’s most populated country. China is already hoping to construct over 300 million square meters of green buildings this year.

The CRBE report stated that China already has 3165 green buildings, adding the green building stock certified under Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design and the China Green Standard. This amounted to a total gross floor area (GFA) of 320 million square meters, just a little over the 310 million square meters of certified LEED gross floor area in the United States. 

The report not only celebrates the progress of China; it also projects the future, providing an estimate figure of how many green buildings China will construct over the next five years.

In the period between 2014 and 2020, the CRBE report estimates that construction of new urban green buildings is anticipated to reach a total of seven billion square meters. The report further stated that the impressive boom in the green buildings development will ring in countless opportunities for the growth of the country.

The CRBE also lays down certain guidelines that China has been adhering to while developing these new green buildings.

One of the primary goals for China is to ascertain that greater number of green buildings are developed in its deprived areas. The goal also includes making sure that over 80 per cent of the domestic green buildings projects are located in the 10 leading provinces, GDP-wise.