8.2 Magnitude Earthquake in Chile Triggers Tsunami Warnings

Published Date : Apr 02, 2014

A high magnitude earthquake that measured 8.2 richters struck off the coasts of Chile this Tuesday night. The earthquake caused landslides and triggered a small Tsunami on Chile’s coastline. The centre of the earthquake was about 60 miles northwest of the town Iquiqe.  

The hustle created by the earthquake also resulted in fleeing of more than 300 prisoners from a jail. This has led the military to take control over the town to prevent any mishaps. Emergency officials have reported events of land sliding in many regions, leading to jams on highways and roads.

People on the coastal regions of Chile including cities Antofagasta, Iquique and Arica have been asked to evacuate the coast as the cities are located along a low coast.  

However, a Tsunami warning for countries along the Pacific Ocean coast and nearby the centre of this earthquake - Columbia, Peru, Ecuador and Panama - was cancelled citing an absence of further risky wave activities.  

Reports confirm death of five people - four men and one woman and many were left injured.