New Laser Technology to Detect Medical Disorders by a Simple Breathe Test

Published Date : Jul 08, 2015

A new innovation in progress by Adelaide researchers predicts that their laser technology that uses a breathe test has the potential to diagnose if the patient has any medical disorders. This simple breathe test can help to detect conditions such as cancer. This test is expected to be as sensitive as a dog’s nose.

The Adelaide University has been involved with a project that is focused on breath analysis. This project is centered on using an optical frequency comb, which is a laser device that has bagged a Nobel Prize around 10 years ago. According to the researcher, Dr. Anstie they hope to have a functional prototype in three years and a commercial breath evaluation device in the coming five years. He stated that they are very confident that the device will be up to the task.

Dr. James Anstie further said that this is a broad screening exam, wherein a patient can go to a clinic or a hospital and simply breathe into a medical device, which will tell you a whole range of things that might be very important to looking at. The researcher further said that the existing disease detection technologies including blood tests are expensive and physicians tend to employ these techniques for patients that have a potential of carrying a disease.

The popularity of non-invasive techniques is growing among consumers. This laser-based, breath test will be a non-invasive technique as opposed to blood tests that require a patient’s blood to be drawn using a needle. The doctor commented that this technique is completely non-invasive and doesn’t result in any pain to the patient as there are no injections involved. 

This test involves patients simply breathing in a bag or into the medical device directly that will interact with the sophisticated laser, which is placed in a special chamber.