Crops valuing US$200 billion feared to be Lost by 2050 owing to Global Warming

Published Date : Jul 14, 2015

The crops of rice, wheat, and maize valued around US$200 billon is feared to be lost by 2050 across the globe. The global warming is creating severe risk, which, if not addressed now, will cost too much in future, according to an independent study on the effect of climate change on the harvesting of crop.

The chief executive of the council on energy, environment and water, Ms. Arunabha Ghosh, stated in a press conference that by 2050, rice, wheat, and maize crops valuing US$200 billion (in terms of 2010 dollar price) will be vanished.

The British foreign and commonwealth office was the key client for this independent study on climate change across the globe. The council on energy, environment and water is an autonomous, non-profit research institute that studies tenacious global challenges through a cohesive and global approach.

The research report also fears extreme shortage of water for almost 750 million people in South Asia. Additionally, around 1.8 billion people around the globe are expected to face chronic water shortage owing to growing population in coming future. The drop in the production of crops is mainly because of the shrinking of the growth season. This situation is caused by the rising temperature all over the world, added the report.

The research study mainly analyzed the yield of 3 major crops in their main regions, respectively. It looked at Punjab for wheat, Jiangsu, China for rice, and Illinois, the U.S. for maize.