New Price Target for ANI Pharma is set to US$70

Published Date : Jul 15, 2015

The target price on ANI Pharmaceuticals shares has been raised from US$60 to US$70 by equity analysts at Roth Capital. The specialty pharmaceutical company has been conferred a neutral rating, at present. The new price target is indicating a potential rise of 3.66% from the previous closure of the stock.

The stocks of ANI Pharmaceuticals started at US$67.53 on Wednesday. The company reported a low of 52 week at US$24.24 and a high of 52 week at US$72.61. The 50-day moving average of the stock is US$58.30 and its moving average of 200-day is US$60.20. It possess a market cap worth US$770.79 million and the price-to-earnings ratio of the firm is 26.00.

The last, this company had posted its quarterly results on May 5, 2015 and has recorded US$0.57 EPS for this quarter, reporting more earning from the consensus estimation of US$0.56 by US$0.01. It posted revenue of US$18.80 million for this quarter, which is lesser than the consensus estimation of US$19.86 million.

Over the same period in 2014, the firm had reported US$0.33 EPS. The revenue of the company was up 72.5% this year as compared to the revenue in the same quarter in 2014. On an average, researchers have estimated that the company is going to report US$2.70 EPS for the ongoing financial year 2015-16.

Other equity research organizations have also reported their target prices for ANI Pharmaceuticals. At Zacks, analysts have upgraded the signals for ANI Pharmaceuticals shares to a ‘hold’ rating from a ‘strong sell’ rating in a report on July 7, 2015. At Oppenheimer, researchers increased their price target on ANI Pharmaceuticals shares from US$61 to US$67and gave the firm an ‘outperform’ rating on June 23, 2015, in a research report.