Teacher Licensing Change Being Approved By the Education Board of Kansas

Published Date : Jul 15, 2015

The state's six inventive school districts will have the capacity to contract unlicensed teachers for difficult to-fill in positions under a proposition affirmed on Tuesday by the Kansas Board of Education. Those areas will have the capacity to contract unlicensed teachers and provide them with specialized certificates, which will be substantial for one year, at whatever point they are unable to find a suitable applicant with a teaching license. 

The competitors must hold either an important degree from college or certification of expertise for the position. The proposition, looked just as it would fall flat until Ken Willard, whose area incorporates parts of Sedgwick and encompassing regions, offered a couple of changes that were sufficient to lure Wichita's Kathy Busch to make the choosing vote in favor. The progressions Busch expected to vote in favor of the policy were a more unequivocal degree necessity and more noteworthy oversight for the state leading body of instruction. Willard's change likewise confines the approach to the state's present six inventive school district, namely Concordia, Blue Valley, McPherson, Marysville, Hugoton, Kan, and Kansas City. The board could make a move one year from now to open it to more areas. 

KNEA's VP, named Sherri Scwhanz, stated that the worry is that teachers who have not been formally prepared as educators would not have the expertise expected to be successful in the classroom and that student will have to suffer because of that. A member of the board, named Janet Waugh, whose area incorporates Kansas City, stated that the change in the policy will worsen the issue of low assurance among the state's teachers, which she contended was helping commute teachers to different states. 

Nevertheless, Willard contended that if the board vote didn’t favor the policy, it would be disregarding the students’ needs whose requirements will be fulfilled only after this proposition.