Construction Company Penalized owing to Petaluma Accident which Resulted in a Worker’s Death

Published Date : Jul 17, 2015

On Wednesday, a regulatory agency fined a construction company based in San Rafael for an accident at a Petaluma construction site due to which one of its workers got killed. The worker was 28 years old and was from Novato. California's Division of Occupational Safety and Health penalized the construction firm, named  Maggiora & Ghilotti Inc for $38,250 owing to neglect of the construction site with legitimate laborer wellbeing insurances. 

The director of the Department of Industrial Relations, named Christine Baker stated in a news release that this tragedy could have been dodged had the obliged security measures been set up for working at a perilous area. On April 15, at approximately 7 a.m., a person named Jared Overfield, an employee in the Maggiora & Ghilotti had been working on a Highway 101 project that included supplanting an old water pipe close to an alternate road where Petaluma Boulevard South joins with Kastania Road. 

The employee got crushed under the pipe coated with concrete which measured 40-foot, 8,000-pound, which moved down the hill rolling. Cal/OSHA authorities stated on Wednesday that the pipe was not tied up to the forklift and it was emptied onto the ground without any support that could have kept it from rolling. The pipe faced Overfield on its front when it slid off the forklift. It moved over him and pummeled into a metal wall. 

After the fatality, the Cal/OSHA authorities stated that employers must be careful in perceiving the hazards related to work and must take measures to keep their employees safe by taking the important precautions. Maggiora & Ghilotti has been referred to by Cal/OSHA thrice in a row, once for neglecting the risks associated with the process of transporting steel pipes, the second for insufficiently reviewing the hazardous affects of the ground that is not even and the third one for the neglection of piping which was not secured while the transporting process took place, as per the agency.