Korean Milk Gaining Popularity Among Chinese Consumers

Published Date : Jul 21, 2015

Due to several food scams and the increasing concerns of consumers in China about health, the government and other bodies have place strict regulations on exports of food. Amidst these concerns, the demand for healthy food products such as milk, fruits, and vegetables in China have witnessed growth in demand. Furthermore, the demand for organic, natural food items have also witnessed a steady growth in demand in the Chinese market.

Recently, the export of milk from Korea to China was resumed. This was from the relaxing of an import halt that was placed two months ago as the government in China tightened their hygiene standards on international food products.

Three dairy firms from Korea that are Seoul Dairy Cooperative, Yonsei Milk, and Maeil Dairies Industry were able to get few of their products registered as safe for import by China’s central government of China in the last month. These recently resumed exports with the firm Maeil Dairies exported 5 tons of pasteurized milk that left Gunsan Port located in the North Jeolla for their destination to Beijing, Shanghai, and Shandong.

This dairy company from Korea is planning to fuel their exports to approximately 100 tons of pasteurized milk by 2015 and the other firm Seoul Milk is aiming to export around 120 tons of fresh pasteurized milk during the same time frame.

After the approval received by these three firms, two more dairy firms are aiming to get their company registered with the government of China. The detailed sanitary regulation from the Agriculture Ministry of China are to be published by end of this month.

At present, the fresh pasteurized milk exported from Korea has received good applause in the China market. According to statistics, the fresh milk exports have grown drastically from 2011. According to a Chinese official, dairy firms from Korea have done a good job with the export grade sterilized milk products.