China’s Taobao Enters Healthcare - Offers Sperm Donation and Paternity Test Services

Published Date : Jul 22, 2015

China's largest online retailer, Taobao, is rapidly working at extinguishing the boundaries about what can be bought from it. The boundaries regarding the operator’s offerings have been pushed further ahead with its new services that include sperm donation and paternity tests. The service offering announcement met with huge response – appointments for donating sperms were made by nearly 20,000 men within three days of the announcement. 137 men also enrolled for paternity tests while 4,060 enrolled for testing of sperm fertility. 

The deal was that sperm donor volunteers had to provide their name, email address, and the last six digits of their ID cards for completing registration, after which each volunteer would directly proceed to donation without having to go for a first visit only for registration. After donation, each volunteer was promised subsidies between 3,000 to 5,000 Chinese yuan.

For the service, more than 22,000 registrations for donating sperms at one of the seven sperm banks across the country were observed within 72 hours of the announcement. Of these, nearly 69 per cent donors came from tree of the biggest cities of the country – Shanghai, Beijing, and Guangzhou.

The deal was offered jointly by Taobao and KingMed Diagnostics, the biggest medical laboratory group of China. 

Paternity testing services that usually cost nearly 4,000 yuan, were offered for a mere 699 yuan and were brought by 137 consumers. For the testing, the consumer was only required to collect a saliva sample in the testing kit that came with the order. The sample would then be sent to a test centre and results would be handed in 10 working days after the collection of sample. 

It has been observed that the demand for paternity tests is constantly rising in China owing to traditional Chinese values that focus on family ties as well as due to strict household registration policies of the country. These tests are also a prerequisite for getting a household registration, for the ones without a birth certificate.