Sharebot 3D Printers in 32 MediaWorld Stores: The Most Awaited Release this Weekend

Published Date : Jul 22, 2015

Sharebot is a rage in Italy. Today, 3D printing is not just thriving in Italy, but due to Sharebot the marketplace is on fire. For all those potential users in Italy who are inclined to purchase the Sharebot NG 3D Printer at the stores of MediaWorld now has a bright side to this latest trend. Esprinet is in partnership with Sharebot and the overall alliance looks quite beneficial and profitable in the market. 

The NG will be available beginning July 25th through MediaWorld. Sharebot experts will have their hands-on, demonstrating how NG works and further explaining the power of the 3D printing to customers during the kick-off at the weekend. 

The NG 3D printer is a great device. It is one of the best choices for many consumers who are looking for both the professional and the hobbyist. It is great for those users who often rely on machinery for career projects in order to meet tight deadlines. 3D printer offers versatility, stability, and quality required by Sharebots’s customer base. It is CE certified. 

Whether the user is an expert or a beginner, they can easily operate the device with a plug and play 3D printer. 

The experts at the kick-off will be on hand at the store all willing to answer question and elucidate on the procedure of how the device works, what is the importance of this technology in different areas of work. 

Sharebot is strong in both areas of service and training. The workshops are impeccable and the offerings of basic and advanced courses make the user feel robust about the 3D printing tools that are being offered to them. 3D printing already works with 60 resellers in over ten countries in Europe. 

With the help of MediaWorld deal, Sharebot will soon declare their affiliation with FabLabs. This will help them create a comprehensive 3D printing ecosystem. 

Users will have the opportunity at stopping by at FabLabs for tech support or classes related to 3D printing and design. 

NG 3D printer box will have FabLab locations introduced in the box for new users. 

The company is also looking into the progress of SnowWhite SLS 3D printer with the actual release considered by next fall.