CASI Introduced Zevalin to Treat NHL in Hong Kong

Published Date : Jul 22, 2015

A biopharmaceutical enterprise, CASI Pharmaceuticals has been working on developing innovative treatment methods for the treatment of cancer and other fatal diseases for sometimes. The company has introduced its new drug, named Zevalin in Hong Kong for the treatment of non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma or NHL, in short.

This anti-cancer drug has been now made available at hospitals in Hong Kong, including at Hong Kong Sanatorium and Hospital, to patients, who are showing symptoms indicating to NHL. CASI and its local partner, Global Medical Solutions Hong Kong Ltd., will supply the medicine.

FDA has approved Zevalin, which is used for the treatment of patients having relapsed or refractory, follicular or low-grade B-cell NHL. It is also utilized for the treatment of patients, who have untreated follicular NHL, but have achieved a partial or an overall response to first-line chemotherapy. 

The collective therapeutic impacts of a targeted biologic monoclonal antibody is built on by Zevalin, which is further stimulated with a beta-emitting radioisotope. : Rituximab, and Yttrium-90 (Y-90) are the two main components of Zevalin therapeutic regimen. The marketing rights to Zevalin in greater China, including Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Macau, is held exclusively by CASI. Hong Kong is the first marketing territory, where the company has introduced this drug.

The M.D. and the chief medical officer at CASI, Mr. Rong Chen, has stated that they are very pleased to announce that that they can now supply Zevalin in the hospitals in Hong Kong and assist in addressing the unmet medical requirements in the region.