Construction for one of the Most Ambitious Solar Plant Project in China Begins

Published Date : Jul 23, 2015

China has begun construction of a massive solar energy plant in the Gobi desert. China boasts as being one of the largest solar power industry. China’s is well known for its solar PV production. Recently, China has begun the construction of its largest solar energy plant that is spread over 6301 acres of land in the Gobi desert. This plant is expected to provide electricity to 1 million household in the nation’s northwest region.

The solar plant is based in the Qinghai province and will feature an installed capacity of approximately 200 megawatts and will have the potential to supply electricity to around 1 million households. According to the solar thermal power group board chair in Qinghai, Wu Longyi this plant is designed to heat storage for around 15 hours and hence can guarantee stable and continuous power generation.

As this power plant becomes operational, it will cut down the standard coal usage by around 4.26 million tons each year and cut down on carbon dioxide emissions and sulfur dioxide emissions by around 896,000 tons and around 8,000 tons respectively.

This plant is located around 2800 meters above sea level on the Tibetan Plateau, which is in Golmud and offers favorable conditions for producing this energy. This power plant will also be the country’s first large scale solar energy plant, which will be focused for commercial use stated the vice director, Yu Mingzhen of Qinghai development and reform commission, who is heralding the project as a milestone in the country’s solar power development.