Chinese Online Healthcare Platform Chunyu Adds Cross-Border Services

Published Date : Jul 24, 2015

Chunyu, the top online healthcare platform in China has added a cross-border service platform, when more medical tourists from China are seeking medical treatment in the U.S, South Korea, and Japan for everything from botox to rhinoplasty to heart transplants.

In 2014, a more than 56,000 Chinese headed to Korea for cosmetic surgery, which was a 350% climb from Chinese medical tourists in 2013, as stated by China aesthetics & Plastic Surgery Association.

Though the official start of the service has been announced, patients will not be able be operational until August 15, as started by the company.

From then onwards, the service will enable patients to consult doctors directly on overseas lands or book surgery with just few clicks of the mouse or few taps on mobile touchscreen.

Being frustrated by the limitations of the country’s healthcare system, the U.S. is the first choice of Chinese medical tourists. Most of the Chinese medical tourists visit foreign lands for cancer treatment or plastic surgery, as stated by local media reports.

As per industry data, the cross-border healthcare market of the country hit US$100 billion last year and is expanding by a fifth every year. 

At one time, it was provided by offline agencies that offered package deals. However, online healthcare services have flourished in the U.S. and other developed markets in the last ten years, thanks to companies such as WellDoc and Zocdoc.

Since its launch four years ago, Beijing based Chunyu has facilitated 73 million users to consult Chinese doctors remotely, industry sources added. It also said, with growing demand the company is expecting to schedule 160,000 consultations each day.

As the new platform is still undeveloped, it will not offer tremendous choices yet.

Chunyu has signed up 6,000 doctors all over the world that would be available for consultation and is also working to prepare several package deals for various countries like Japan and Thailand.