New York Divulges Plan for a new LaGuardia Airport

Published Date : Jul 28, 2015

In a recent announcement, the Governor of New York revealed a plan for a new LaGuardia airport. According to the plan, the airport would be redesigned and rebuild from scratch, which would replace the cramped and outdated facility with a unified terminal that will have more than double capacity for operational space for airliners. 

The Governor introduced the plan to New Yorkers delightedly, and said that the people of the city deserved it for a long time, which shall soon be true.

The Governor also stated that the current airport is a crowd of cramped terminals with high traffic volume and low ceilings, and is very much ‘un-New York’.

He further added, the current airport is slow, dated and it offers awful front-door entrance to New York. Vice President Joe Biden stated last year that if he was blindfolded and taken to LaGuardia, he would have the feeling to be in ‘some Third World’ country. The announcement was attended by Biden and he lauded the Governor for the big thinking.

He further stated that he wished it was truthful and all the controversial would turn out well as well. Biden’s influence was incredible, the Governor said that the approvals that would earlier take years were expedited in his office.

The first part of the project is expected to begin next year and would cost US$4 billion, half of which will receive private funding. Delta Air Lines has partnership in the new terminal.

The construction of the new project is one of those that are planned for the four airports in the stated in New York area. Among them are Stewart Airport located north of the city and also Republic Airport on Long Island will both receive Startup New York designation which will offer new and developing businesses to be able to operate tax free for the next 10 years.